As a small firm with a core of just three people surrounding themselves with a team of talented building partners, Legacy Builders has positioned itself to deliver the quality, custom homes that clients demand. We take pride in developing a personal relationship with each and every individual we build for so that the building process is pleasant and stress free. It is through that very personal relationship that we are truly able to welcome our clients into the building process and become friends for life.

Fluidity in contracting is a must. Of course we strive for a smooth schedule throughout every project, but invariably things always arise that cause some deviation from any proposed calendar. Through longstanding relationships with our building partners we are always able to get back on track and meet our scheduled goal. Our open and honest relationship with our clients makes the inevitable need for scheduling adjustments a matter of course rather than a pinch point in the process.

The size of our firm and our personal relationships with both our clients and our building partners enables us to keep the lines of communication open and positive throughout the building process. Our clients are always welcome at the new home site, from the footer stage to the ‘remove-your-shoes, we-just-installed-carpet’ phase. Each and every client is unique and we are able to cater to their level of involvement; ranging from those who want moment by moment updates on their project or those out of town folks who want to see pictures of their home as it progresses. We assure that everyone stays connected, happy and excited during the entire building process through our intimate involvement with our clients from shopping together to making every selection, until the final keys are turned over.

Building technology is constantly changing and making remarkable breakthroughs, especially in the energy efficiency arena. Legacy Builders welcomes these new ideas, but not without a healthy dose of good old fashioned conservative values. We’d love to use a ‘better mouse trap,’ but we are not going to test it out in the dream home of our client, who is also now our friend, only to find that it won’t stand the test of time. In a small town, your reputation is your most valuable asset, and Legacy Builders is proud to stand behind our work far beyond a one year punch-list or five year structural warranty.

The environmental movement has been around for a long time but seemingly skyrocketed in popularity recently. Truth be told, through good solid building practices and high quality building materials, Legacy Builders has built ‘Green’ homes long before the term was added to the lexicon and turned into a cliché. We have always boasted excellent insulation practices, well designed, highly efficient HVAC systems, Low-E, insulated windows and energy efficient appliances. We also take pride in utilizing smart designing practices both to achieve a beautifully livable home, but also to eliminate the need for unnecessary waste. A huge part of being ‘Green’ is achieved by simply being an efficient builder; limiting waste makes good sense whether you’re talking about environmentalism or solid economics.

As a custom home builder in a small town we demand that our product stands the test of time. Beyond staying in business for years to come, we want our past clients to greet us with a hug and an exclamation of how much they love their home. We are very proud to have numerous repeat customers who have enjoyed the building process with us enough to invite us back for renovations, remodels and even another custom home project.

Legacy Builders stands by our word and keeps an honest relationship with all our clients and prospective clients. In a tight economic market it’s difficult to turn away work; however, we’ve done just that when we’ve felt that the scope of an individual’s project just didn’t match their means, or if their goals were simply unattainable. We regularly steer prospective clients to other builders when we honestly feel that we’re not able to meet their needs. Surely, we’d like to please everyone, all the time, but we’re not willing to compromise our trademark individual attention to each clients needs in order to meet that end.

2013 Builder of the Year

2013 NRVHBA Builder of the Year